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Forensic Image & Video Authentication

Duple IT Solutions is a leading forensic software that discloses the processing of a digital image. We provide a wide array of powerful tools that determines whether an image is generated by a specific device, or it is an output of manipulation through an image editing app, editing software, forming its existence as evidence questionable. Duple IT Solutions is used by digital forensics specialists and intelligence agencies globally. We authorise law enforcement agencies as well as forensic lab experts effectively with tools that identify tampering images verifies if any digital photograph is produced by a specific device. Our camera ballistic features determines what specific device was used to generate a specific photo. Duple IT Solutions ensure that all tools available with us are based on sheer reviewed scientific papers, performing a different test on the structure of an image and its origin. Our services are powerful, fast, flexible and quite affordable. We provide a user friendly interface that enables to open an image in any format, and easily select various filters as well as tools to function numerous tests on the image. Duple IT Solutions is appreciated for its accuracy and productibility.